We put together teams of recruiters, sourcers, coordinators, and managers, then immerse them into our clients’ organizations to work with their teams. Even though you will be working directly with our clients, you’re a full-time Golden Hive employee.

This means you’ll enjoy:

  • Health Benefits - We offer a standard health plan that’s 100% covered for employees and all their dependents, and have additional options to upgrade plans as well. We also offer dental, vision, 401(k), PTO, disability, life insurance, and many other great perks.

  • PTO - We provide 15 days of paid time off, in addition to paid holidays.

  • Performance Incentives - We conduct regular performance reviews with our embedded staff and offer incentives and opportunities for promotions.

  • Long-Term Security - Our projects are designed to be long-term with direct client integration, meaning you’ll be fully embedded within your customer team and will work directly with their managers. If the relationship builds, you’ll have the option to convert internally as a permanent employee of the client. To date, we’ve converted approximately 10% of our workforce.

Striking Gold for our Partner Brands